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Nakurex 8/27/2015 10:47 AM
WAIT WAIT, I fixed it. Gallery it is! I made it paper size so you can print it and put holes in it or something.
Nakurex 8/27/2015 10:29 AM
Okay so the file size of the picture comics I'm making are too big to post on the gallery so I'm gonna make a section under comics for them. ENJOY-Toby's burrito
Kid Blurr 8/25/2015 7:21 PM
Check your E-Mails if you have a character in the comics.
Kid Blurr 8/24/2015 9:36 PM
Dark I know, but I like it. Also, starting to use the site again. I've been working on something, so has Ghost Boy.
Kid Blurr 8/23/2015 5:42 PM
3cassiopeiae 8/18/2015 11:52 AM
Ceres wants a drawing! Something cool and blizzard-y
Nakurex 8/18/2015 10:54 AM
Alright screw it, Rav I'm drawing you.
Nakurex 8/18/2015 10:09 AM
Alright Toby's bored. WHO WANTS A DRAWING?
Kid Blurr 8/15/2015 2:36 PM
I'm sorry, it cost 4$. Even better
Kid Blurr 8/15/2015 2:35 PM
There are these new monthly DLCs that cost 5$. They have been able to turn someone whose CR is 113 to 125 in a few days. They help play catch up and such. If you don't feel like spending so long trying to be with the league in CR, just buy one.-KBS
Kid Blurr 8/15/2015 2:34 PM
Just an update to those who don't play the game because they don't really have the time to raise CR or can't spend more than 10$ on a DLC.
Kid Blurr 8/6/2015 2:49 PM
School's returning for some of the East Coasters. So good luck to all you Seniors and so on and so forth.
Nakurex 8/1/2015 2:21 AM
That was the most brutal moshpit I've ever seen in my entire life.
Nakurex 7/31/2015 5:01 AM
Going to Saratoga today to see Slipknot. Baiiii guuuuise~
Kid Blurr 7/30/2015 4:35 PM
Star Lad 7/30/2015 7:28 AM
BombShell Star Lad, show off your bombshell selves too JTA
Star Lad 7/30/2015 7:27 AM
Kid Blurr 7/30/2015 5:15 AM F your music Van and Frost, this is where I was born.
Kid Blurr 7/30/2015 3:23 AM
Nakurex 7/29/2015 1:38 AM
Sorry, sorry. This is the Everquest NEXT lore. I thought they'd be similar but they're slightly different
Hello, my name is Kid Blurr, and this is a little story of the Justice Teens of America.

I made the J.T.A back in August of 2011, but did not begin steady recruitment up until December of the same year. The idea of only recruiting Sparks and Sprites was an idea that helped us stand out amongst most of DCUO, and find some very interesting and talented young individuals. The originally ideas of the Justice Teens however, were to defend lower level Heroes from higher level Villains, all while not turning to the same style as them.

As time went on, the idea for the League greatly evolved. We gained many new members, most of them young men and women, each showing a new side of the MMO world. This quickly changed the Justice Teens as I wanted to help the Spark/Sprite community of DCUO by giving them a safe and comfortable League to be with, instead of with people who did not relate to them in the sense.

Over the years, I had met many people who would help form this league to what it is today. Each of them bringing a peace of Humanity back to me as I got to know them-unless you ask how I was in the beginning of the League this doesn't matter-and work beside them. Now I can try my best to help them make the best of DCUO.

The Justice Teens are a friendly league that welcomes all Sparks and Sprites in the game, and we hope to one day branch out into other games to spread the same type of hope. In the words of a member before me, J.T.A Forever.
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